2021 Botanical Calendar Artwork Reveal #1 - OCTOBER!

Hi Everyone! 

After an overwhelming response to the Pre-Orders for the Botanical Calendars inspired by the attributes of God on 9-12 October, here is a reveal of one of the 12 artworks - what you would see this time next year in October 2021!

In the video, I personally explain to you my thoughts and inspiration behind this piece! 

In case you were wondering what it was like experiencing the seeds dispersed, here is a video I took while out and about along the green corridor! 

Spathodea Campanulata Seeds

And these are how they look like up close! They look like they are wrapped in plastic.. and these wings help them fly so well! Isn't this so cool?

May you be reminded of God's presence and His Word whenever you see these in creation! 

May this verse encourage and bless you today, in 2021, and beyond.

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