Commissioned Art

Custom Art

Commissioned Art make great statement pieces and are the perfect choice for your room, event, or as a personalized gift for someone special.

If you need my assistance to create the art piece, I do take orders for custom artwork. My specialty is in calligraphy and plants, however, if you have other themes in mind you would like me to explore, feel free to drop me a message! 

Below are 3 things to consider to help me tailor the perfect custom piece to your request.


1. COMPLEXITY: Standard or Complex

STANDARD: Just what you need!

- Up to 35 words 
- Up to 2 colours
e.g. Bible verse or quote

COMPLEX: Bao Ga Liao - The Executive Treatment!
- More than 35 words
- A customized theme of your choice
e.g. Wedding vows, a few paragraphs or chapters of your favourite passage

Note: It is best to avoid material which may be subjected to copyright

2. TYPE: Paper, Canvas or Acrylic (*NEW!)

 Studio Seck watercolour artwork on paper
PAPER : ink and paint (watercolour, gouache or acrylic) on paper

This is suitable for those who like the style of my watercolour calligraphy and paintings, for example, those featured in the Botanical Beauty collection. These paintings will tend to have a white/light background. I typically work on A4 and A3 size, though the largest size available is up to A2. These works need to be framed. I include a basic wooden frame, however, I highly recommend for framing work to be done by a professional framer with UV protection, and I can assist you in the process. 

Canvas art studio seck

CANVAS : acrylic paint on a stretched canvas 

Most commissioned works I do for clients are done on canvas! I enjoy painting on canvas as there is no limit to the possibilities of colours and effects we can do! 

It is durable, easy to hang (it is relatively light) and maintenance is minimal, with an occasional dusting or light vacuuming when necessary. Canvases can be found in wide a variety of sizes.  

Acrylic sheet
ACRYLIC (NEW!) : acrylic paint/vinyl on clear acrylic panel (3-5mm thick depending on the size)

This is for those who love the elegant and classy look! The transparency of the acrylic gives it the graceful, floating aesthetic. Very suitable for weddings, or for anyone after the refined, polished look. 

Acrylic work A3 size and larger comes just as a panel. This could be displayed on an easel, or propped up against the wall on your entryway console. It is easy to maintain, with just gentle dusting or wiping when required. 

Acrylic Artwork in A5 & A4 size is also available! These comprise of 2 acrylic sheets sandwiched together with pegs at each corner. These can stand in a landscape or portrait format.  

Some other factors to consider: 
To preserve the longevity of the artworks, regardless of the medium, it is advisable not to display the artworks near damp locations (e.g. outdoors, in the vicinity of the toilet, kitchen, next to an open window), or at locations that are very hot or under direct sunlight. 


Below are the recommended sizes for Commissioned Art.

Let me know if you would like something beyond what is described below (e.g. different material or size) and I will do my best to accommodate your request. 

CANVAS A3, A2 & A1 (approximate size or a bit bigger)
ACRYLIC A3, A2, A1 (just the panel)   
A5&A4 (comes with pegs that help it stand)




This is always a sticky subject but it's best to be upfront about it!

Below is the approximate pricing for Commissioned Art. All prices are in $SGD. This includes local (Singapore) delivery. For International clients, if you are interested, feel free to drop me a message of your interest, and I will check out what is the best option available! 






$200 & above

$300 & above


$350 & above

$450 & above



$350 & above

$450 & above


$500 & above

$600 & above


$800 & above

$1000 & above



$100 & above

$150 & above


$180 & above

$250 & above


$350 & above

$450 & above


$500 & above

$600 & above


$800 & above

$1000 & above



Each commissioned artwork will take an average of 4 weeks or more depending on the complexity, availability of materials, and my own personal schedule.

As much time and effort is made to make each artwork unique, consider the above and fill in the contact form below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward working with you to create that truly meaningful, one of a kind artwork that will bring life, hope and beauty to all you share it with.