Hi! I’m Emily, a Christian artist based in Singapore and a mother of two young boys. 
As a Christian artist, I believe in capturing the beauty and truth God reveals in everyday life through the art that I do. 

I have always been passionate about art and nature since young, watching my mother paint, sew, and in the garden. I’m thankful for a nurturing environment that helped me excel in art and continues to inspire me to this day.
Since becoming a mother, I have been sharing about God through art, drawing inspiration from bible readings, and my encounters with various plants. Their timeless truths and unique characteristics have given me a deeper appreciation and understanding of who God is - our Amazing Creator God! 
In recent years, I have compiled some of my artworks in the form of a calendar inspired by God’s Attributes (featured in Salt & Light), the Names of God, and His Promises. This has helped many share the truth about God with others. The artworks from the first two calendars are now produced as postcards that continue to bless many others. 

I am currently working on a series of commissioned works, as well as making preparations to facilitate creative sessions - Journeying with God through Art, something I'm really passionate about! Do sign up on the waitlist so that I can update you as soon as it is ready!  

It is my mission to share how amazing God is, the truth of His Word, and the life that it brings to the world. I believe that art helps you appreciate the beauty in this world and my greatest passion is to help people connect with God, others, and themselves through art. 

For the latest updates, please leave your email in the link below. I would love to keep you informed of my latest works that would inspire and encourage you!