Hi! I’m Emily, the artist behind Studio Seck.

I’m a Christian artist based in Singapore. I trained and worked as an architect for several years, until God called me to a new job, motherhood! During my free time, I love to draw and paint.

Art has always been my passion since young, watching and joining my mother painting, drawing and crafting. I am thankful for the years growing up when this was nurtured.

In different seasons of my life, God has used art to draw me close to Him, reminding me that he is my Creator and the source of my talent and inspiration. Through art, I have learnt to appreciate nature, creation and everyday life. He has also used my skills to help me connect with others, using it as a tool to encourage and inspire those around me.

Here at Studio Seck, I hope my artwork will help point you to the Almighty Creator God. May you find that perfect piece to inspire you, or help you find the perfect gift to encourage someone! 

For the latest updates, please leave your email in the link below. I would love to keep you informed of my latest works that would inspire and encourage you!