An Unexpectedly Delightful Opportunity

In April, I received an unexpected email (from one of you who was blessed with the 2021 calendar), sharing about an opportunity to participate in a mural design competition for the St Johns-St Margaret's Nursing Home.

Projects like these excite me, as I'm passionate about using art in a meaningful way that will bless the community. With the help of my family to help out with childcare, I was able to find time to give this opportunity a shot.

About a month later, I was contacted by the committee. Due to the current restrictions, instead of painting wall murals, I was asked to design and paint four selected bible verses on canvas panels for to grace their lift lobby walls.

As I spoke with one of the committee members via zoom, it dawned on me that she was none other than my Primary 1 teacher, Ms Lee! What are the odds of that happening?! I'm so thankful that even in COVID times like these, God still provides these delightful encounters!

With the help of 5 volunteers over 2 weeks, I'm glad to share that the project is finally completed and will be up on the walls of the nursing home soon!

Thank you so much Ms Tay, Emma, Jo Keow, Sophie & Megan for helping out, and to my own mother for taking care of my active little one! (Should I add too that he'll point to my projects and say 'Mummy painting!' It really warms my heart hearing that! )

God’s been teaching me that He is the source of creativity, inspiration, and the opportunities to use them ... they are indeed from Him and for His glory. Being able to spend time with others in this project (no matter how small a group), is something I treasure especially in times like these. And to reconnect with my teacher after 28 years… I never imagined that could ever happen! 

Painting these reminded me of my grandparents, all who are now with the Lord. I'm thankful that even though they are not around to see my artwork, I'm able to do something that can bless the elderly. I pray that these bible verses, which have been prayerfully selected by the committee, would encourage the residents, staff and all who visit the nursing home.


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