Calendar Pre Order & LIVE Session!

It's going to be an exciting weekend! 


Hi Folks!

I'm here to announce a couple of exciting things happening!

I'm sure many of you are excited about the Calendar!

Here's a sneak peak of how the cover is going to look like! (Hope you don't mind, it's not yet printed, so I photoshopped an image of it in the picture above!😅)... I just couldn't wait to show it to you!

In preparing this calendar based on the Names of God for each artwork, God has been teaching me to be to be bold and declare his Name to the WORLD. I hope the cover represents a glimpse of that! 



I'm excited to share that you will be able to pre-order the calendar very very soon! 
It will be open from: 1st October (Friday, 10am SGT) to 5th October (Tuesday, 11.59pm SGT) and you will be able to order it on my website, 

This would be the best time to order at a special pre-order rate ($12 instead of $15). I have also priced it such that if you order more, you will get a better rate!😊 I hope that by informing you early about it, you can have a heads up to think of the right number of copies you want to order, whatever God has placed in your heart. 

Those based in Singapore will be encouraged to pay via PayNow (will save me from hefty credit card transaction fees - at no additional cost to you). It makes a huge difference to me since I'm running this on my own. 

Do understand this is a Pre-Order (you won't get it immediately). If all goes smoothly, they will be ready in mid November! It will make a really meaningful Christmas present to give to your friends and loved ones!😉  


I will also be conducting 2 online LIVE sessions + Q&A on

2 October 2021 (Saturday, 9pm SGT) on Facebook

(you will need to follow the Studio Seck Facebook page if not you won't see it!)
3 October 2021 (Sunday, 9pm SGT) on Instagram !


Why am I holding these LIVE Sessions?
While the calendar itself should 'speak on its own' and not require much explanation to appreciate it (so you can gift it to anyone), I know many of you are very keen to hear the story behind it, and how God has guided and inspired me for each artwork. Whether or not you get a copy of the calendar, I hope that by sharing my story, you get to know more about this amazing God who indeed holds all things together. 

A 'LIVE' session will be a great opportunity for us to 'meet' up! From last year's experience, as I prepared the orders, I wanted so much to have a nice chat over coffee with every single one of you, but unfortunately, that has not been quite possible. This year, and thanks to technology, I thought it will be nice to say 'hi!' to you as personally as I can do so, and answer some of your questions, if you have any!

The thought of conducting this LIVE session had been mulling in my head for a while, and when Singapore just announced the tightened social measures last week😥, this felt like a further confirmation to organize this alternative (and safe) gathering! 😂 Do drop in if you can and I hope to see you there... be it to ask me questions or simply to say hi! 

... if you are more of a visual person, here's a quick recap! 😉

I hope you are as excited as I am!
Take care and hope to see you this weekend on Facebook or Instagram !!

God Bless!

Emily Seck 

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