Come and 'Sing' along with me!

On the eve of March, I lay in bed with my pre-schooler. It's been a struggle getting him to bed each night, and I end up having to lie next to him till he falls asleep. 

In this 'lost time', God laid on my heart not to be resentful about it... not to find it a 'waste of time', even though there were so many other things I'd love to do or get done!! 

In the silence of the night, lying next to the little one, I was prompted just to pray. Committing to God my problems, anxieties, worries of what's happening in the world, in Ukraine, with COVID, preparing for my upcoming workshops (not a that it's a problem, but still something I think about alot!).

What came to mind in those hours were different hymns that ring truth, promises and worship to God. I listed around 40 of them, then realised.. starting in 2 days (2 March - which is today as I send this out...) is the period of Lent! 

So for the upcoming days leading to Easter, I'll be posting those hymns on my feed on Instagram, Facebook and my Blog. I'll write out the titles in calligraphy, share the lyrics, and hopefully you are welcome 'sing along' in your heart (or out loud where you are) with me! 💕

I hope that by sharing them, they will be a blessing to you and point our hearts to Jesus, especially during this season as we approach Easter and with all that's been happening in our world! 💕 

Feel free to share the posts with others if you feel led to... you never know how God may use you as a channel of blessing to someone else! 

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