JESUS - God’s Greatest Gift

Time flies! It’s already December! 

During this season of gifting, Christmas trees and lights, I look at this artwork and remind myself the true meaning of Christmas - it’s about Jesus. How the Word became Flesh and dwelt among us. Indeed He is full of Grace and Truth, graciously and gently reminding me to turn my heart to him. 
I have been caught in the wormhole of Black Friday deals and thinking how I could ‘treat myself’ and my family and friends - it’s never ending. If it’s not Black Friday, it’s Cyber Monday, then it’s 12.12, then 1.1, 2.2 etc. 😓😓😓
Gifting and shopping is not totally a bad thing! While the delight and cheer material things bring simmer after a while, it can help foster a generous spirit that blesses many people. 
My prayer is that during this season, more would find the eternal hope that only Christ can give. 

Studio Seck Christmas Postcard
I chose this Bible verse for the artwork as I felt this was not -always- chosen for Christmas, but still full of impact and meaning, and it spoke to me. It’s about Jesus.  
As for featuring Saga Seeds, there were multiple reasons why I chose it. 

First is the symbolism. When I think of a baby I think of seeds? Perhaps because they are so small but yet so powerful? 😅 I also see God’s Word as like a seed planted, and Jesus has also been described as the seed of Jesse. 

Second would be for a more personal reason... and some childhood nostalgia! My brothers and I loved picking Saga seeds when we were little and it was so fun - like Christmas! And knowing my elder brother, he’d definitely encourage us to collect a lot so we could sell them! - in some way I am doing that now! 😅
Lastly, as an artist, drawing and painting Christmas cards for family and friends over the years, I wanted to explore something that could bring some Christmas spirit but not be plants that have to be flown in from overseas? I sure love the smell of pine, eucalyptus, and the beauty of hollies, mistletoes and poinsettias, but they aren’t from this part of the world and Christmas is not about bringing winter and reindeers and Santa here! I love that Saga seeds are RED and that they are seeds, so I thought I’d give this a try! 😉
May this artwork bless you and remind you about Jesus - the true meaning of Christmas. 🥰

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