Lent 2023 — Drawing Near to God

I'm delighted to share with you about the amazing Lenten journey we embarked on earlier this year, from 22 February to 9 April. It was an incredible time of creativity, reflection, and drawing closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Every single day, except Sundays (Rest on the Sabbath!), we gathered on our private Facebook group for a creative adventure. Each day, I posted a prompt designed to calm our minds, spend time with the Lord, ignite our imaginations and inspire us to connect with Him on a deeper level. These prompts were simple and fun (no drawing expertise required!), taking just 2-5 minutes of our time. But trust me, they made a big impact!

Along with each creative prompt, I shared 1-2 Bible passages that we could read and reflect upon. The combination of art and scripture allowed us to experience a consistent and meaningful encounter with the God every day. It was truly a remarkable time of devotion and growth. 

I was open as to how participants could respond to the daily exercises. Most kept their reflections private, though a few did share their thoughts on the day’s exercise. While I do pray for personal breakthroughs, deepened faith, and a stronger connection with God, I have learnt to trust Him in the unseen work that may not be apparent to me.

The journey taken during Lent 2023 has inspired me to plan even more creative sessions in the future! I wish to expand on this journey to continue fostering a community of believers who seek to draw near to God through creativity.

In a world where our minds are constantly taking in information and we have many responsibilities to juggle, what we need most is to be still and spend time with the Lord.

Imagine a safe space where you can pour out the clutter in your mind and heart onto something visual and tangible — all without the stress of finding the right words, or fear of being judged!

I've never been good at writing essays or communicating my thoughts verbally. However, God has provided an avenue through art for me to express myself, be it consciously or subconsciously. Spending creative time with Him has brought much peace, healing and hope. In putting brush to canvas, playing with how the water flows, how the colours mix, or clay is shaped, the journey has helped to connect my fingers with my mind and heart. It has given me the opportunity to process my relationship with myself, with others, and ultimately with God.

Sometimes the art I create is for my eyes only, and sometimes it is made to share with someone. It has taught me so much — from the art-making process to the outcome and how it is shared with the world.

If this excites you, you can find out more about this creative programme I am launching soon — A Journey with God Through Art. I would love to help you hold the space for your to help you connect with God, yourself and others, through Art.

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