Mommy With A Goal - Women's Self Care Series Interview

Hi Everyone! I know I've been a little quiet lately, but I'll like to share one of the things I've been up to lately!
I've had the privilege of being interviewed by @themommywithagoal Jeannine! I'll be featured in an episode of her Women's Self-Care Series, having a quick chat with her about my business, art, and life as a mum!
I used to see Self-Care as 'selfish'... sucking us into a wormwhole of consumerism and seeking things to 'fill our cup'. With God's help, He's shown me that he's created us as humans with needs, and my needs are met through his provision in my life!
Join us as I share more about this and my faith, and how it has inspired me as an artist, and guide me in my role as a mother!
Catch this episode which goes LIVE at 8pm on 10 September, 2022!

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