Wonder, Heartbreak & Hope: A Psalm


As an artist and mum, I struggle to find meaningful time with my family, with art, and with God. It's been a season of grief, tangled together with Chinese New Year vibes all around with the urge to purge and clean up, both physically and inwardly. This season I'm focusing on investing in relationships and sprinkling art and creativity where I can. 

I am currently participating in the Brehm Residency Program by Fuller Theological Seminary. This Psalm was part of my reflection homework, as my response to God's Plan of Wonder (Creation), Heartbreak (Fall) and Hope (Redemption & Reconciliation).


Little fingers that point and pick

Little feet that climb and stumble

Little mouths that suck and spit

Little legs that kick and tumble

Little ears that tune to the beat

Little hands that grab and smear

Little mind that soaks all in

Little heart that shows sin's within


Loose scribbles in my artisan sketchbook

Harsh brushstrokes, hardened paint

Crayon marks on the floor

Marker stains on the wall

Sick on freshly bought sheets

Stepping on Legos under my feet


Walking around, the smell of rain

Feeling the breeze, the flowers, the pain

Defeated by mess, impulse, mistakes, and buys

Time to let go and say goodbye

So much to do, so little time

Feeling unappreciated, a perpetual upward climb


Seasons come and seasons go

Time is too short

But dreams are not broken but grow

Now is the time, to co-create

To open my heart, and attend to my date

To spend on what money can't buy

So less is lost when it's time for goodbye



What is God showing you today that embodies Wonder, Heartbreak, or Hope?
My prayer is that you will take some time to experience wonder, understand heartbreak in this world, and remind others of the hope we have in Jesus Christ. 

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