Calendar FAQs

1. Ordering

Where is my order confirmation email or Order Number?
An email confirmation should be sent to your inbox immediately after you have made your order, and would have your 4-digit order number. If you have not received it, try checking your 'Promotions' tab or spam folder. 

I made an order before, can you add to my order and still give me a discount rate on my additional copies?
If your order has not been fufilled, we will do our best to accommodate you. If however it has already been arranged with the delivery company (no. of copies and weight are locked in), we will not be able to accommodate and you will need to make a fresh order.

To avoid any disappointment, do have a good think about the number of copies you would like to order before making the purchase. 

Why doesn't my discount code work?
As this is at a special pre order rate, additional discounts do not apply for this product. 

Can you reprint it once it is sold out?
Do understand calendars are items which have dates in them, and should be in the hands of those who use them... before 1st January 2022! Reprinting takes about a month and needs to be done in bulk. If gifting is done in December, that means that a reprint needs to be done by early November. As such, a reprint at this moment is not possible. 

Can I get it cheaper if I order more copies?
Yes! We are really thrilled many of you want to buy a couple of copies to give away! We have configured it such that the more copies you order, the better rate you get. We also avoided bundles as you may have an exact number of copies that is not necessarily 10, 30, 50 or 100, so we have priced it by tiers instead for your benefit:) 

Could I get it at a lower rate apart from the bulk discount? 

I’m so sorry I won’t be able to offer a further discount at this time apart from the bulk discount, which are in tiers depending on the number of copies, just to be fair to everyone. 

I had a pre-order sale period in early October where I did offer it at a further discount, mainly because use those people were willing to wait more than a month for it, and their order helped me secure a good print run. If I do manage to do this again for next year (God willing), I’ll do the same. If you are interested to be kept in the loop about this in the future, do join my mailing list or my social media, I do blast it out when that period comes up so that as many people I know won’t miss out on it. 

2. Gifting

I'll like to send it as a gift. What should I do?
You can send your order as a gift by including Make it a Gift (+$4) to your cart. 

I will like to send the calendars as a gift to more than one friend, can you do that?
Sure! For each additional location in Singapore you would like to send your order to as a gift, make sure you add to your cart either:
Make it a Gift (Additional Location in Singapore, Normal Mail)(+$6) or
Make it a Gift (Additional Location in Singapore, courier with tracking) (+$8)
Be sure to add the additional details of these recipients in the 'Add a note to your order' section of the cart. 

I want to gift the calendar but do not have all the recipient's details at the moment, can you give me more time?
We prefer it if all the details requested are in the notes section of the Cart page. However, if you do need more time, you have 24 hours after you have made your order to send us the details via Contact Us

If I want to send it to my friends myself, where can I get the envelopes?
We get the padded envelopes online (in bulk from Lazada/Shopee) or from SingPost. The Calendar is just under A4 size, so you can get the padded envelope of a suitable size. 

How much does a calendar weigh and postage cost if I send it myself?
As the overall packaging weight depends on the way the item is packed, the envelope type, additional padding, cards and gift wrapping all contribute to the overall weight of the package. While the calendar itself weighs around 0.3kg, we suggest getting your overall package weighed directly at the post office as they can best advise you according to the method of delivery you prefer. 

3. International Orders

How long will it take?
It will take approximately 14 to 21 working days for international deliveries. However, do expect some delays given the current situation. 

How did you get the International Shipping Rates? 
The shipping rates have been researched and compared with on various platforms, and are the ones indicated are what we have found to be the most reasonable and reliable at this point in time. 

I have an international order, why can't I add 100 copies to my cart?
There is a weight limit (30kg) the courier can deliver. This is approximately 88 calendars. If you would like to purchase 100 calendars, we advise you to split your order so that each order is within the weight limit, kindly contact us and we would to help you out. 

Why is my country not shown?
Shipping rates have been included in the list of countries we ship to based on the demand from last year. If your country is not listed, kindly contact us and we would help you out. 

Do I have to pay additional taxes?
You may be charged import duties & custom taxes and unfortunately we have no control over these charges. If you have any questions regarding these charges, please refer to your local delivery service. 

4. Others

Do you have a Chinese/Bilingual Version of the calendar?

Great suggestion! I do have a dream to improve on my Chinese Calligraphy. Hopefully sometime in the future, Lord willing, this can come to fruition. 

Do you have this calendar in other formats (Planner/Diary, Wall Calendar etc.)?
Not as this moment! However, do send in your suggestions so if the demand is high, we can consider that in the future. We would love to hear from you!